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Unique Selling Points (1)

1. Over 90% of cases of Vaginitis are caused by one or more (mixed infections) of the 3 diagnosed pathogens (BV, VVC, TV)

2. Sensitivity for all 3 pathogens is significantly higher than the conventional method (Wet-mount microscopy plus anamnesis)


3. The human factor is lower than with the conventional method


4. Mixed infections can be detected much better and more specifically 


5. Higher sensitivity to microscopy enables control measurements after therapy (not possibly by microscopy)


6. Duration of implementation: 15 min for 3 pathogens; faster than microscopy and significantly faster than PCR (or NAAT)


7. Cheaper than PCR (and NAAT)


8. The 4 most common Candida subspecies are detected

Unique Selling Points (2)

9.  Especially for the detection of Trichomonas in swab samples, the sensitivity of the specimen drops quickly to 20% within 1 hour after collection. By using our kit, the swab will be available for up to 6 hours at room temperature. The activity of Trichomonas is negligible. Most importantly, the specimen needs to be tested at room temperature.


10.  The Test Kit uses latex chromatography, which gives higher sensitivity and helps the assay to have a high positive detection rate.


11. The Test Kit captures more Candida sub-types and reduces false negative rates than others. Most assays only detect the generic Candida Albicans. Our Test Kit can detect 3 other types of Candida (C. glabrata, C. parapsilosis, C. tropicalis, etc). This gives a 10% - 20% broader coverage of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (VVC)


12. The Test Kit uses 3 independent lines instead of two (2). This design reduces cross-reactivity and gives a more specific result.

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